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If you are struggle with getting into shape due to lack of knowledge, little time, or inability to work around an old injury. Working out can be very frustrating. Trying to digest the large amount of information out there can be a pain and time consuming. Believe it or not I have been there myself. Trying a million thing to find what works. It Has taken me years to have the experience and expertise to create a fitness program that addresses a clients Strength, mobility, and endurance. While reducing body fat in increasing muscle mass. I now want to share my knowledge with you to bring to you the most efficient plan on the market. With my detailed program you can use your time to its fullest while, getting the results you want.


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Experience what In-person training has to offer first hand. Get a Complimentary consultation phone call with an expert coach ($50 value) and learn what steps you can implement into your life now. Learn how to maximize your workouts, nutrition, and set small goals that lead you toward your ideal body and confidence. If you choose to work with me, thats Great. if not, thats cool too.



I understand that you have a busy schedule, and i want to offer maximize your training and nutrition. You want a program that lead you to feeling stronger but at the same time you don’t want to be stiff. If you bring me on board you will have access to a variety of benefits.


Diet COnsultaions

I will work with you to analyze what you are currently eating, and strategically omit food out of you diet. You don’t want to do this cold turkey there is a process and i will be there to walk you through it.


increase strength and flexibility

I offer a fresh new approach strength training. My programs not only address proper form but also incorporates mobility drills that will keep you moving better and feeling stronger for years to come.


Prevent injury

My biggest philosophy is “the best ability is availability”. I treat clients aches and pain with urgency. Teaching them how to deal with it on their own, and the steps they need to take to prevent it from happening again. Training should leave you feeling stronger not broken.



I have started Holt fitness because I got tired of the go hard or go home mentality that most trainers and gym push onto their client. This type of mindset not only leads clients to injury, it does not give clients who are new to training a chance to feel good after working out. Instead they are sore 24/7 and become increasingly stiff. I wanted to change that. New clients first establish understanding of what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how this will lead to reaching their fitness goals. I want my client to be strong, but also move well without restriction. With a heavy emphasis placed on posture and functional strength, clients can see their effect in the gym translate to the real world. I have a understanding of what it takes to make clients strong and mobile. I love helping them to improving posture, confidence, and overall fitness IQ.