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Personal training (ONE ON ONE training)

This is for people who are really trying to take their training to the next level and are ready to invest in their health. From novice to advanced, all fitness levels can expect to improve their cardio, strength, and mobility. Meeting with me in-person between one and 4 times a week, you're guaranteed the best results. With Guided programs, feel confident when training alone with workouts designed for YOU.  This Program offers the highest accountability support. To keep you on track. All packages include/ teach you to:

  • Custom Training Plan

  • Learn to lift weights with proper form, and to kick-box (if interested)

  • Gain access to the guided programs to log, view, and schedule your workouts and cardio

  • 24/7 email access to me, for all of your questions and concerns

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Nutrition consultation to slowly implement healthy eating into your lifestyle

I’d love to help you! Let’s get started!

Interested in making better use of your time and move toward your fitness with the time you have now? Time is our most precious resource, lets make the most of it. let’s make the first step today.