Tone at home


Stop putting your health and self last!

Society puts a lot of stress on us to do everything. We’re expected to flourish in all fields: work, social, family, HEALTH (often in that order). I find that most of us put our health last on our list of things to do. We put a lot on our plate and compare ourselves to others, which eventually paralyzes us from taking action. We put work above all and our health is sacrificed.

Start saying yes to taking care of yourself first!

By taking care of your health first, you may find that other aspects of your life will improve as well.

This is no easy task, so lets make things easy!

The best way to accomplish putting yourself first is by creating a plan and make things as easy as possible. Thats where I come in. I’ll make you a custom workout plan geared toward your goals, lifestyle, and equipment. I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do for the week so you know exactly what to do, while also giving you nutritional guidance so you can slowly improve your eating habits.

I’ve worked with people just like you.

As a trainer for 7 years, it has given me great satisfaction to see many people who I’ve trained turn their lives around through fitness. Creating plans for my clients is by far the most important part of the training. Without the plan, even in person sessions would not be enough to effectively create change. So now I offer you the same efficiency for a fraction of the cost!

However I still love training my current in person clients. Therefore, I only have time to train 10-12 people remotely. I want to give you the best service possible, therefore I won’t take on more clients and risk dropping my service quality. The packages include everything I know you need in order to feel stronger, more energized, and more in control. On top of all that, I'll be there with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to stop putting your health last?

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Fit into your clothes from 8 years ago!

This program is designed to make you feel and look your best. By undoing years of bad habits you’ll see your body turn back in time. These home workouts are short and can be done whenever you have time. Following through with the program, clients will:

  • Tone and strengthen legs, arms, and stomach.

  • Increase confidence to the point the friend and family notice.

  • Reduce knee, low back, and shoulder pain.

  • Improve posture.

  • Learn to not make food the enemy.

  • Fit into that dress you’ve been waiting to wear again.

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How much does it cost?

I know how hard it is to find a program that is not only a reasonable price but also effective. So when designing this program I aimed to make a program that was cheaper than in-person personal training but gets just as good of results. In-person personal training can run up to $1500 a month depending how often you train, and I understand that can be a lot. So for the next few months I will be offering online training for $200/month. This is a much more affordable option with the added benefits that only remote training can bring you such-as:

  • Workout whenever and wherever you want because you don’t have to meet me in person and get on my schedule.

  • Train with me anywhere in the world.

  • Reduced cost and same amazing results.

  • Can hire a more experienced coach (me) for a more affordable price.

If this sounds like something you are looking for and you’re ready to start learning to love your body again, then you should apply below. I only work with 10-15 women at a time so I can give you my absolute best so don’t wait to apply. Say yes to yourself!